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Hi! Welcome to Amy’s Nursing Homes. We are a free senior care location service for helping you find the right home for your loved one. We privide comprehensive insights into all nursing homes, retirement homes, assisted living and memory care facilities. Additionally, we have a terrific resources and guidance to help you though the tough process of selecting the right senior home.

Many people who visit Amy’s Nursing Homes use it to contact multiple senior care homes and arrange visits. The information you find on any website simply isn’t enough to make a decision as vital as this…

Why are you searching for nursing homes and senior care?

Perhaps your mother or father has been in the hospital for an extended period of time and while their status has improved the doctor informs you that your loved one will not be going to their owe home from the hospital as they are going to require help. They are going to need to find a nursing home or assisted living community.How do you choose between nursing care facilities? First, the shock of the news sinks in your mind starts listing all the things you have to consider. At this point you have to decide on providing care for them in a nursing home or an assisted livingfacility. Which one should you choose? To make an informed decision you will need to determine the differences between the two.

Should you be looking for nursing care or assisted living?

Nursing care facilities are frequently compared withassisted living facilities. It’s true that they both offer a residence with a hired staff to help residents with long term care but they each provide a different level of elder care.Nursing care facilities  offer 24 hour healthcare in a structured environment while assisted living offers a more home-like atmosphere, more independence and less care. How much care does your senior loved one need?

After you have decided on which type of facility you or your loved one will need, the next step is to do some research to choose the right facility. To aid in your research search Amy’s Nursing Homes for a nationwide list of facilities.

Before you make the final decision on where to send your loved one you should visit the property a few times to make sure that what…


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