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Copper Ridge Health Care of West Jordan, Utah

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Copper Ridge Health Care
Copper Ridge Health Care
3706 West 9000 South
West Jordan, UT 84088
(801) 280-2273

Copper Ridge Health Care in West Jordan, Utah is a larger for profit run nursing home providing extended-stay and skilled nursing care to seniors. It has room for a total of 120 residents and currently is home to 72 lives. For information about pricing and availability fill out the short form to the right and a caring person will contact you as soon as possible. Selecting a home for your family member is a very personal process, each prospective resident is evaluated to determine their specific desires and needs.

Nursing homes are also known as skilled nursing communities and rehabilitation centers. They are for seniors living with long-term care needs, including nursing and rehabilitation services. Talented caregivers provide long-term help with medicine, hygiene, dressing and living a full life. Residents can learn new skills here. The sincere staff at Copper Ridge Health Care strives to make each senior's day a special one. This property is fully sprinklered.

Copper Ridge Health Care has received 2 stars from Medicare and has an Amy's Nursing Homes Score or 3 which is higher than the average Amy's Nursing Home Score in the state of Utah.

Residents can pay by cash, insurance or Medicare and Medicaid. Copper Ridge Health Care is not located within a hospital. They provide resident counseling services. The average cost for nursing homes in West Jordan is $5,041 which is below the average national average of $6,464.

Quality Reviews for Copper Ridge Health Care

Most elderly people want to defer the decision to move into a nursing home, preferring to live self-reliantly for as long as possible. However, in some cases this may not be possible. When your loved one has difficulty performing functions of daily living such as preparing his/her meals, laundry or bathing, it may be tim0e to consider the move to a nursing home. Making the decision on which nursing home to choose can be stressful for the resident and family alike. Not all nursing homes are created equal and the level of service offered at each facility varies greatly. When choosing a nursing home there are several factors to consider and it is best to be as informed as possible when finalizing your decision. One way to do this is to understand Amy’s Nursing Homes system of rating nursing homes.

One determination of the quality of a nursing home is the number of hours that nurses spend with each resident each day. At Copper Ridge Health Care registered nurses spend an average of 0.86 hours a day attending to each loved one, while all licensed staff spend an average of 1.55 hours a day.

Each nursing home we review receives a star rating that correlates to a score from our reviews. The more stars the higher the score. A nursing home can receive a maximum of five stars.

Nursing homes that receive a 5 star rating are exceptional. Only one third of nursing homes in each state receive this highest ranking. Conversely, about a third of the nursing homes in each state receive only a single star. You can search for more ratings for nursing homes like Copper Ridge Health Care

Amy's Nursing Home Score for Copper Ridge Health Care is 3 out of 5 stars.

State Ratings for Copper Ridge Health Care
Overall Rating is 2 out of 5 stars
Nursing Staff Rating is 4 out of 5 stars
Registered Nurses Rating is 4 out of 5 stars
Quality Measures Rating is 4 out of 5 stars
Health Inspection Rating is 1 out of 5 stars

State Inspections for Copper Ridge Health Care

Amy's Nursing Homes tracks nursing home inspections. Every state has requirements that entail that each nursing home is inspected by a state representative every 9 to 15 months in order to renew the nursing home’s license. These inspections are unscheduled and the staff of the nursing home is not notified of the inspection until the inspector walks in the door. This surprise element is to ensure that the inspection gets a true sample of the day-to-day operations of the nursing home. The results from these inspections are public information and every nursing home is required by law to post its most recent state inspection results. Some of the areas that the inspection assesses are quality of care, staffing, and general cleanliness of the nursing home. Nursing homes like Copper Ridge Health Care must demonstrate compliance with standards of patient care as set forth by the federal government. If the nursing home is found to be non-compliant to the standards, a violation is issued to that nursing home. Every violation is assessed by the state inspectors and is classified by the number of residents that were affected by the violation and how deeply the residents were impacted.

What were the details of the violations from state inspections for Copper Ridge Health Care?

Category Description Scope Type of Harm
Environmental Deficiencies Have a program to keep infection from spreading. Pattern Minimal
Environmental Deficiencies Keep safe, clean and homelike surroundings. Pattern Minimal
Environmental Deficiencies Make sure that the nursing home area is free of dangers that cause accidents. Isolated Minimal
Mistreatment Deficiencies 1) Hire only people who have no legal history of abusing, neglecting or mistreating residents; or 2) report and investigate any acts or reports of abuse, neglect or mistreatment of residents. Isolated Minimal
Nutrition and Dietary Deficiencies Offer other nutritional food to each resident who will not eat the food served. Pattern Minimal
Nutrition and Dietary Deficiencies Prepare food that is nutritional, appetizing, tasty, attractive, well-cooked, and at the right temperature. Pattern Minimal
Nutrition and Dietary Deficiencies Store, cook, and give out food in a safe and clean way. Pattern Minimal
Pharmacy Service Deficiencies 1) Make sure that residents who take drugs are not given too many doses or for too long; 2) make sure that the use of drugs is carefully watched; or 3) stop or change drugs that cause unwanted effects. Isolated Actual
Pharmacy Service Deficiencies Make sure that residents are safe from serious medication errors. Isolated Minimal
Pharmacy Service Deficiencies Properly mark drugs and other similar products. Pattern Minimal
Quality Care Deficiencies Give each resident care and services to get or keep the highest quality of life possible. Isolated Minimal
Quality Care Deficiencies Give proper treatment to residents with feeding tubes to prevent problems (such as aspiration pneumonia, diarrhea, vomiting, dehydration, metabolic abnormalities, nasal-pharyngeal ulcers) and help restore eating skills, if possible. Isolated Actual
Quality Care Deficiencies Have enough nurses to care for every resident in a way that maximizes the resident's well being. Pattern Minimal
Quality Care Deficiencies Make sure that each resident's nutritional needs were met. Isolated Actual
Quality Care Deficiencies Make sure that residents who cannot care for themselves receive help with eating/drinking, grooming and hygiene. Isolated Minimal
Quality Care Deficiencies Make sure that residents who cannot care for themselves receive help with eating/drinking, grooming and hygiene. Pattern Minimal
Resident Assessment Deficiencies Make sure that a doctor approves a resident's admission in writing and that each resident has a doctor. Pattern Minimal
Resident Rights Deficiencies Immediately tell the resident, doctor, and a family member if: the resident is injured, there is a major change in resident's physical/mental health, there is a need to alter treatment significantly, or the resident must be transferred or discharged. Isolated Minimal
Resident Rights Deficiencies Provide care in a way that keeps or builds each resident's dignity and self respect. Isolated Minimal
Resident Rights Deficiencies Provide care in a way that keeps or builds each resident's dignity and self respect. Pattern Minimal

Important Health Survey for Copper Ridge Health Care

Nursing homes like Copper Ridge Health Care offer 24 hour supervision and nursing care in a structured environment where the patient resides permanently. Generally the nursing home provides a place to live, prepared meals, recreational activities and assistance with day-to-day activities such as bathing, dressing, exercising, using the bathroom, etc. Most nursing home residents are age 75 years or older and most need help with at least three of above mentioned activities. Depending on the type of nursing home the level of care can range from general supervision to highly trained nursing such as would be found in a hospital. Some nursing homes specialize in caring for patients with specific requirements such as Alzheimer’s disease. If your loved one is suffering from a specific ailment, you may find a nursing home that specializes in given care to that type of patient.

Each state conducts surveys covering important aspects of the resident’s health. Below are the most recent results of the survey for Copper Ridge Health Care.

Description Percent
Long-stay residents given influenza vaccination during the flu season 90+%
Long-stay residents who are more depressed or anxious 17%
Long-stay residents who had a urinary tract infection 6%
Long-stay residents who have moderate to severe pain 1%
Long-stay residents who have/had a catheter inserted and left in their bladder 5%
Long-stay residents who lose too much weight 11%
Long-stay residents who spend most of their time in bed or in a chair 8%
Long-stay residents who were assessed and given pneumococcal vaccination 90+%
Long-stay residents who were physically restrained 9%
Long-stay residents whose ability to move about in and around their room got worse 7%
Long-stay residents whose need for help with daily activities has increased 14%
Low-risk long-stay residents who lose control of their bowels or bladder 60%
Percent of high-risk long-stay residents who have pressure sores 11%
Short-stay residents given influenza vaccination during the flu season 90+%
Short-stay residents who had moderate to severe pain 5%
Short-stay residents who have delirium 0%
Short-stay residents who have pressure sores 19%
Short-stay residents who were assessed and given pneumococcal vaccination 90+%

Payment Options for Copper Ridge Health Care

There are many different types of nursing homes and some go by different names such as long term care facilities, skilled nursing facilities and sub-acute facilities. Another difference between nursing homes is that they can choose individually whether to participate in Medicare and Medicaid programs. If you are relying primarily on Medicare to help pay for the expense of a nursing home, you will need to verify that the facility you are considering does participate in this program. Another word of consideration is that if the patient is no longer using Medicare as the source of payment, he or she may have to move to another facility.

Generally speaking, there are five types of financing for nursing home care.

1. Out of Pocket or Personal Resources - Only about 25 percent of long-term care is paid for in this manner. The average cost of nursing home room in the US is about $6,464 per month. The average cost for nursing homes near Copper Ridge Health Care is $5,041.

2. Private Insurance - More and more insurance companies are offering plans that cover nursing home and home health care for the insured. Of course, the amount of coverage varies from policy to policy.

3. HMO or Managed Care - Under this type of payment, the nursing home is required to be a designated provider of the plan in order to be covered. There are also specific requirements of the patient that vary from plan to plan.

4. Medicaid - This is a type of health insurance meant for low-income individuals and is funded by state and federal sources. If this seems like something you may qualify for you can visit your state’s Medicaid office to find out more information about Medicaid.

5. Medicare - If the nursing home is certified for Medicare, Medicare will pay for a certain period of time in a nursing home. There are also daily requirements that the patient will need to make to be covered under Medicare. The nursing home in which the patient is receiving care is responsible for the assessment of the patient in regards to meeting the Medicare requirements. When the resident no longer meets the requirements, he or she may need to move to another nursing home facility.

At Copper Ridge Health Care residents can typically pay by cash, insurance or Medicare and Medicaid.

Location, Location, Location

One of your most important considerations is the location of the property. Will it be easy for you, other family members and friends to visit your loved one? Is it easy to get to stores, events and churches?

More so than most people, seniors love to know the weather, and their lives are ofen affected by it. West Jordan, Utah is in Salt Lake County sitting at an elevation of 4,687 feet.

There are often many things to do in and around West Jordan.

West Jordan, UT

Tips on Researching Potential Nursing Homes

Deciding on a nursing home that will care for your loved one is understandably a major and stressful decision for the entire family. We at Amy’s Nursing Homes recommend that you decide what your specific expectations are in advance of visiting Copper Ridge Health Care. This will help you to be a less overwhelmed by the process. Take into account what is important to not only you, but the resident and other important family members when making your list of requirements. Once you have narrowed your list of possible nursing homes to a manageable amount, remember that you will find out more about any facility with an in-person visit. A visit will give you the opportunity to meet the staff and to get a “feel” for the day-to-day environment of the nursing home. Always ask for a tour of the facility and afterwards request to return to the facility for an unescorted tour where you may set your own pace.

There are lots of things you can check on during your visit and questions you can ask. Make a list before you go. Here are some suggestions...

Is the home well-decorated?

Are there any areas of specialty care in the nursing home (i.e., Alzheimer’s)?

Do other residents seem active and happy?

Does Copper Ridge Health Care meet cleanliness requirements?

How does the staff interact with the residents? Do the residents seem comfortable and at-ease with the staff?

Can residents continue to see their personal primary care physician?

Are the residents clean, dressed and groomed?

Can residents at Copper Ridge Health Care keep personal items in their rooms?

How do the meals smell and look? Is the food nutritious?

Does the environment feel comfortable and relaxing?

Have the staff asked you about your interests?

We wish you well in finding the best nursing home for your loved one. For more information about Copper Ridge Health Care simply fill out the form to the right.

3706 West 9000 South, West Jordan, UT 84088

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